Sustainable model

As a values-driven business, corporate social responsibility is our highest goal. This is reflected both in our business operations and in our products.

Corporate social responsibility - business operations

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Energy: We strive for as low energy consumption as possible. We do this through intelligent lighting and heating, for example. In addition, in all our establishments, we only use green electricity, which is generated using our own solar panels wherever possible.

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Transport: We strive for as low fuel consumption as possible.

  • And we have established a very attractive cycling incentive scheme for our staff.
  • The choice of electric company cars, plug-in hybrids and CNG models is strongly encouraged.
  • Our lorries are used as optimally as possible.

Water: We strive to use as little pure water as possible and to keep waste water as clean as possible.

  • We collect rain water for sanitary use
  • We purify our waste water in 2 different ways
  • We drink purified tap water

Nature: We strive to ensure we put as little burden on the surrounding environment as possible, including

  • land management without the use of pesticides
  • installing a green roof
  • 2 beehives at head office
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Society: We strive to support society. Consequently, we have a substantial annual budget for extra initiatives that benefit people and the environment. Thanks to this budget, we help 4 permanent partners with their daily operation.

  • Bond zonder Naam wants to reach out to as many people as possible and to connect them with each other.
  • Natuurpunt koepel Zuid-West-Vlaanderen, a team of committed volunteers, works to increase and improve nature.
  • Vzw Victor offers mobile support for people with autism and their families in the Province of West-Vlaanderen.
  • YOUCA, YOUth for Change and Action, is an organisation for young people that encourages them to work together to create a sustainable and fair society.

Corporate social responsibility - products

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Long life: We strive for sustainable product characteristics, to ensure surfaces do not need to be repainted as quickly. There are several important factors here, such as wear resistance, colour accuracy, scrub resistance etc. Transparent communication and well-founded advice helps to choose the right product.

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Restriction of hazardous raw materials: We are very careful about the use of hazardous raw materials such as solvents and biocides. We take guidance from the increasingly strict legislation, but we also try to anticipate this and to switch over to the most people-friendly and environment-friendly formulas as early as possible.

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Alternative raw materials: BOSS paints has already made steps towards using alternative raw materials that are less harmful to the environment such as chalk and clay, for example. The binding and covering properties of these raw materials ensure we can still continue to offer high-quality products while using the minimum amounts of petrochemical binders and titanium. This path will be explored further in future, including through research into biobased binders.

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Approved labels: Approved labels provide the clear message and the proof that a product satisfies particular environmental and health standards, which are even stricter than the legislation. Some of our products already qualify for the European Ecolabel and the Indoor Air Quality A+ label. In future we will focus on this more and more.

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